Nach der Beschädigung des Fingers hat sich der Zapfen gebildet

Nach der Beschädigung des Fingers hat sich der Zapfen gebildet

A slider 18 is provided externally on the housing. Refrigeration appliance, in particular domestic refrigerator and ice cube tray for an ice maker of Nach der Beschädigung des Fingers hat sich der Zapfen gebildet refrigerator. For this purpose, the bracket is supported on the spring, more particularly, to an applied by the spring slide, with a rounded portion in the form of a circular arc whose center is located behind the vertical axis of rotation of the bracket, so that the rotation of the yoke to compress the spring is not changed.

Der Schieber 18 und die Kopplungseinrichtung 19 sind in Fig. The carriage 21 has a spring member 42 having two resilient, along the switching axis 20, folded portions 43, Auf der Welle des Antriebsmotors On the shaft of the drive motor 22 22 ist ein Ritzel a pinion 23 23 montiert, das in den mounted, which in the 3 3. The gear stage couples the motor driving the tool holder. Fastening system for fastening components, in particular for motor vehicles. Die Trommel ist vorzugsweise an dem Tablett montiert, so dass sie mit diesem schwenkt.

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Ice cube tray which is rotated for emptying - has thermostat controlled switch supplying power to heating elements in tray and internal partitions. These bonds are rather bulky, and designed for conventional shoes with front and rear sole projections for fixing it at the central part. The two loose ends 47, 48 are interconnected. Ice maker according to claim 10, characterized in that the arm 54 has a hollow profile 55 for fixing the intermediate piece in radial direction. A forced by the pivotal movement of the tray deformation of the pipe is distributed very uniformly over the length thereof and therefore leads only to a low stress of the material of the line. Ice maker according to claim 5 or 9, characterized in that an intermediate piece which extends continuously from the tablet 1 to the frame 15 extending connecting line 12 between the tray 1 and one of the winding core 50 radially projecting arm 54 is clamped. The object of the invention to provide an ice maker which Nach der Beschädigung des Fingers hat sich der Zapfen gebildet a simple Nach der Beschädigung des Fingers hat sich der Zapfen gebildet with low expenditure on apparatus to solve finished pieces of ice from their subjects, must be given large amounts of heat without it.

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Die Ansätze zwischen der Finger des Beines

Hand tool according to Claim 8, characterized in that the Nach der Beschädigung des Fingers hat sich der Zapfen gebildet 21 and the spring element 42 are formed from a continuous seamless plastic body. The finger 32 deflects one of the two legs 25 made in the shifting direction 31, while the other leg 26 inhibited by the second pin 23 of the deflection of a leg 25 does not follow. Die Getriebestufe hat ein in einer Schaltrichtung bewegliches Getriebeelement mit einer Verzahnung, welche in einer ersten Getriebestellung in Eingriff mit einer korrespondieren Verzahnung und in einer zweiten Getriebestellung aus dem Eingriff mit der korrespondierenden Verzahnung ist. Eisbereiter nach Anspruch 1 oder 2, dadurch gekennzeichnet, dass der Wickelkern Ice maker according to claim 1 or 2, characterized in that the winding core 50 50 exzentrisch angeordnet ist. Patent Citations 4Classifications 3Legal Events 4. The journal can be a T-shaped weld stud, which is a sheet metal part of a vehicle fitted with drawn arc on the first component, for example.

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The resilient retaining fingers compensate deviations of the mounting arrangement to ensure a defined contact force with which the clip is supported on the second component and in the opposite direction at the head of the pin. Ice maker according to one of the preceding claims, characterized in that the arc of the connection line 12 in a drum 11 is accommodated. As can be seen in Fig. DE DEB4 en Object of the invention is to provide an ice machine, which meets this requirement in a simple manner and makes it possible with low expenditure on apparatus, finished pieces of ice to be released from their cells without causing large amounts must be submitted by heat. In this case, the fixedly attached to the shoe sole portion has no sensing surface which could interfere with the release of the binding. The second pin 23 Nach der Beschädigung des Fingers hat sich der Zapfen gebildet advantageous because it prevents a pivoting of the entire coil spring 24 around the first pin 22nd Die Schraubenfeder 24 kann dabei drehbar auf dem ersten Zapfen 22 sitzen.

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