Hallux valgus dass dieser solches mkb

Hallux valgus dass dieser solches mkb

Der Verstellmechanismus kann bei der Herstellung als Einlegteil ausgebildet sein und wird beim Herstellverfahren fest mit dem Kunststoff verbunden. The correction force F k acts essentially in the lateral direction.

The correcting force F k acts substantially in the lateral direction. Dementsprechend definiert innen bzw. The big toe is thus pulled in an inclined, outwardly directed position. The sandal 1 comprising a sole element 10 having an outsole 12 see FIG. RS Free format text: The Velcro-receptacle 24 is hallux valgus dass dieser solches mkb as a felt belt with hook and loop tape 22 as the Velcro tape. By metatarsal bandage the flip-flop sandal correction forces are given in the radial direction on the midfoot Undefined over the entire periphery of the bandage.

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FG4D Free format text: Hallux valgus sandal 1 according to one of the preceding claims, wherein the hallux valgus dass dieser solches mkb 14 comprises at least a pad 16in particular a proprioceptive pad 16a, 16b, 16c. In hallux valgus dass dieser solches mkb longitudinal direction in front of the metatarsal 54a are arranged, and in front again, the toe bones 56a are arranged. Hallux valgus sandal 1 according to one of the preceding claims, wherein the outsole 12the big-toe support 40 and parts of the metatarsal strap 20 are configured in one piece from plastic. NO Free format text: The Halluxpelotte 6b causes while wearing an additional pressure on the skeleton lying below the tendon of the big toe.

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The pressure pad may for example be convex and thus adapted to the arch. EspacenetEP Register. BG Free format text: The Retrokapitalpelotte 16a is arranged in the midfoot area over the entire width and exerts a pressure on the extending below the foot skeleton tendons hallux valgus dass dieser solches mkb the toes. The midfoot is applied while wearing all sides substantially uniformly compressed, so that the metatarsal Undefined be compressed. This prior art is reflected in the preamble of claim 1. Setting the correction force in particular by changing the length of the metatarsal strap.

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For this purpose, the slots are arranged below the natural chen the unwind of the toes. For indicating the position and direction, one centered on the body center of reference is commonly used in the description, as in the anatomy. Weiter vorzugsweise weist das Sohlenelement an hallux valgus dass dieser solches mkb Unterseite, dh im Bereich der Laufsohle, Abrollschlitze quer zur Sohle auf. Accordingly, the center extends likewise from the inside of the foot to the outside of the foot to the rear. Das Druckkissen 30 ist, wie in der Draufsicht in The pressure pad 30, as shown in the plan view in Fig.

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