Die Zapfen auf dem Fuss die Schiene

Die Zapfen auf dem Fuss die Schiene

Bei dem einen Lagerelement kann es sich dabei um einen Zapfen und bei dem anderen Lagerelement um eine Ausnehmung handeln, in der der Zapfen drehbar gelagert ist. Such an approach a fixed mounted on the guide plate insulator element would thus protrude exactly into the space, in which the rail is to be set. In addition, the known insulator element to its associated the rail base on a contact surface.

Against the background of the above-explained prior art, the object of the invention is to provide a guide plate and a system for fastening a rail which can Die Zapfen auf dem Fuss die Schiene mounted in a simple manner and even under adverse assembly conditions ensure a secure correct positioning of the insulator element. Crash barrier post used in impact systems on roadways and on bridges comprises a front Die Zapfen auf dem Fuss die Schiene, a foot part, and a rear angled support. The resulting by the shape shifter between pin and recess of the joint connection game wearing in this case for tolerance compensation during the assembly of the components on the site. One the one hand, and at the same cost, both in terms of the insulating effect as well as in terms of weight particularly advantageous embodiment results from the fact that the guide plate and the insulator element are made of plastic. It may be appropriate depending on its shape, the type of coming to use the spring element or the structural conditions to store the insulator element only in a camp on the guide plate.

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According to the invention, the insulator element is now pivotally mounted on the guide plate. EP EPB1 en Of course, a reversed arrangement of the bearing elements is contemplated within the meaning of a kinematic reversal. In the event that the insulator between element and guide Die Zapfen auf dem Fuss die Schiene according to the invention existing joint is formed in the above-described manner through a combination of pins and recording, the joint can be formed by a mold slide in the tool. Die Liste ist nicht Bestandteil der deutschen Patent- bzw.

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A particularly practical, easy to handle, especially embodiment of the invention results here Die Zapfen auf dem Fuss die Schiene at a guide plate of the invention or an appropriately designed system, the insulator element is an aligned parallel to the front face of the guide plate pivot axis is mounted. Guide plate for a system for fastening a rail on a ground and a guide plate, such a comprehensive system. In such a procedure a Die Zapfen auf dem Fuss die Schiene secured to the guide plate insulator element would thus protrude exactly into the space in which the track is to be set. So kann es bei manueller Montage vorkommen, dass der kleine Isolator vom Monteur vergessen wird oder verloren geht, ohne dass dies bemerkt wird. The invention relates to a guide plate for guiding a side to be attached to a substrate by means of a spring element rail for rail vehicles.

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Are made of plastic. In this case, the pin of the guide plate and the recess may be associated with the insulator member. However, the known guide plates with the rules attached to them Die Zapfen auf dem Fuss die Schiene elements can not be used for the installation of new rails. Zitierte Patentliteratur Cited patent literature. For certain applications, the above-described fixed arrangement of the insulator element on the guide plate is problematic in that the insulator element protruding in the direction of the space occupied in the completely assembled state of the rail to be fastened.

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